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Originally Posted by Underage_Thinker View Post
Ok well I just recently figured out a way to host a ftp server on my computer. Now in order for me to do this i need to open port 21. Now the way i use to have my internet set up i was behind just one router. The problem is that i just recently reconfigured my set up so now i am behind two different models of routers, the way i have it set up it goes phone line coming out of wall then modem then Ethernet cable going into my first router, then one of the cables coming out of that router goes into my second router then coming out of that router it goes to my computer. Now The way i had it done is that i would have the first router forward port 21 to the second router then the second router forward it to my computer. but for some reason i am still unable to access my ftp server via the web. I know it is working because i am able to access it via "ftp://[ip of my computer on the network]" So if anybody knows what i am doing wrong i would greatly appreciate some help.
I had to draw out a diagram to understand what you were talking about.

Basically, Tell me If I'm right (Yes, It's kind of Rigged looking, but It should get the point Across):

I see you have Port 21 Configured on Router 1 to Forward to Router 2. Then, You have Port 21 Configured to Forward from Router 2 to the Server.

Do you have your Modem configured to Forward Port 21 to Router 1? With my Router, I just configured it to use my Router as the DMZ server through the DSL Modem to Forward Everything to Router 1, then Router 1 Handles Port Forwarding.

Modem Address:
Router 1 Address:
Router 2 Address:
Server Address:

AND Assuming you have your Modem Plugged into the WAN port on Router 1, and Router 1 Plugged into the WAN port on Router 2.

It should go:


Configuration For Modem:
Forward Port Start Port 21 to End Port 21 to Address

Configuration For Router 1:
Forward Port Start Port 21 to End Port 21 to Address

Configuration For Router 2:
Forward Port Start Port 21 to End Port 21 to Address
Were you able to access your FTP Server from the Web Before, when you were using Just one Router? Or hadn't you set it at the time?

- Bill

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