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Default Re: Animal Abuse/Mistreatment and the Environment

Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
Besides your complaining.. Do you have any suggestion or idea what the human race should do?
We should all have a gigantic blood orgy, that would solve everything, no more humans (useless sacks of flesh they are), and animals get to continue on with their lives: They continue to eat each other, copulate (have sex), sleep, follow urges, never think a thought, and die.

Originally Posted by Underground_Network View Post
Hmmm, you think if we didn't have guns/weapons, and it was just us versus the other animals we would be on top of the food chain? If it weren't for our outstanding mental capabilities, we would be towards the middle, or possibly lower part of the food chain. Think, what if a monkey had a gun, and we were unarmed, they'd be higher up on the food chain at the time. (Not to add humor, but this is assuming the monkey knows how to use the gun).
Think about it for a second, the reason we're at the top of the food chain, is because we have the mental capacity to do things other than, "eat each other, copulate (have sex), sleep, follow urges, never think a thought, and die." Humans and the rest of the food chain are completely different. A monkey with a gun is still a monkey, it wouldn't know how to use the gun. When you say "let us assume the monkey knows how to use the gun." Guess what? You are giving this monkey human qualities.

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