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Red face Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

when i 1st found out i was bi was when i was in 7th grade during the summer when i met this girl at our skool end of the year party and we became friends but not close friends we talked everyday,but then tht summer i met my current ex destiney she was lesbian she played basketball older team but played with us one game we won and after the game i was txt sumbody i 4got who and she walked past me and told my txt me sum time and gave me her number so we started talkin we skyped alot then she told me she was lesbian i was lyk really she said u look lyk ur bi and i was like yeah. then a month l8ter we dated on and off we r offically broken up now but we still talk we were super close but we are not close anymore but when i dated my current ex i stop talkin to Kirrsten. but this past year we were on a skool trip and there was a party there and i was hangin with her she was my roommate and bed buddy and the party was loud and the song i like it was playin and she pulled me closer and winked at me then she told me she was bi and i was lyk omg i am 2 and then another song came on and she was lyk u wanna go bac to the room ill show u a lil sumthin i was lyk heck yeah but we couldnt leave b/c we had 2 take other ppl i was mad but now its like im somewhat in love with her....but everytime she wants 2 hang i always have somethin or my mom wont let me that's when i truly found out i was bi cuzz i still lyked guys i get from guys that i would b really cute and if i was a guy they would turn gay and girls tell me imma really cute girl and they also say i would b one sexy guy lol

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