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Well I Am 14 I Started Puberty When I Was 8 Amazing Right Well Thats The Earliest You Can Start Well As You Know I Am 14 So From The Age 8 To 14 I Have A Large Amount Of Pubic Hair And Ever Time I Would Zip Up My Zipper To My Pants It Some Times Got Tangaled So I Shaved It Off....and Now It Is Great....and Shaving This Dose Not Make Me Or Any One Else Gay Cuz All The Girls I Have Been W/ Like It That I Shave Cuz The Dont Want You Pubic Hair In The Face Or Teeth When They Give You A Blow Job So If You Have A Lot Of Pubic Hair Shave It Cuz The Girls Dont Like That

Well I am 14. I started puberty when I was 8, Amazing right? (thats the earliest you can start.) As you know I am 14; so from the age 8 to 14 I have Gotten a large amount of pubic hair and every time i would zip up my zipper to my pants, it would sometimes get tangled; So i shaved it off...and now its great.Shaving it does not make me or anyone else gay because all the girls I have been with liked it that i shaved. The girls don't like it when your pubic hair is in their face or their teeth when they are giving you a blow job. So if you have alot of pubic hair shave it off because the girls don't like it.

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