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Default Re: Animal Abuse/Mistreatment and the Environment

Look we're destroying animals habitats whether we like it or not. Not taking a stand is like abusing animals, because you're letting it happen. Its like witnessing a murder, but not coming forward, when you do this you sink as low as the murderer. If you don't take a stand and don't help, you'd think you'd remain neutral, but in reality, you're doing nothing but witnessing the extinction of another species. If you saw a wounded eagle, on the side of the highway, would you tell whoevers driving to pull over and call for help? Probably not, you'd just stare at it, you'd be grossed out possibly by its wound, maybe even anonymously call for help, but would you go over to aid the eagle, I doubt it. And we are destroying this world,, and we can only stop it by standing together. Almost all the detrament done to this Earth was man-made. We were upset about Hurricane Katrina, compare that to how the animals felt during the Ice Age. We think that say, Hitler's genocide was huge, compare that to how many animals are killed in a year. 40 million animals are killed a year, just for their fur, not for anything else, but just for their fur. Hundreds of thousands of animals are killed a year, just because we want to perform tests on them. If we can perform tests on them, why can't they perform tests on us? Also 100 million animals are hunted each year (note these numbers only pertain to the US) and millions of animals killed by hunters are left unrecorded. Even if you think you do nothing bad, not taking a stand is like letting the killers do what ever they please. Take a stand, lend a hand, reprimand. Stand up and fight for the cause, if you do not, you are as bad as the killers.
For more info on animals being killed/tortured (U.S. only) go here: (it may be a Delaware site, but it talks statistics about the whole U.S.

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