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Unhappy How to make amends

I had this friend for about 3 years and we were best friends and i really loved hanging out with her we pretty much spent the whole summer together. The problem is she moved and started a new school she didnt move far only about 15 minutes from me and we started drifting. Not to mention her father said we werent aloud to talk because i had a problem with her brothers girlfriend. Then she and her boyfriend broke up and i seen her with another guy and they were getting liqour and she said "oh i'm going to suck his dick and if my dad doesnt pick me up at his house we're going to have sex" i think she was joking but i told my boyfriend who went and told her ex. My friend and him were dating for over a year and when they broke up always got back together so he told her and she got mad at me for telling and we got in a fight and i said things that ended our friendship. That was about 2 months ago and now im relizing i really do want to be her friend and i miss her but i've done some things and said things that made her pretty much hate me and I dont know what to do. I want to be friends but my minds telling me to just forget about her. I'm not the kind of person to apologize and im not very good at it either. What should i do. PLEASE HELP

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