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Default Where am I in Puberty?

hey, i am just new to this site and i just wanted to know where i stand in puberty. I am currently 15 and 11 months, I am 5'6 in height and I weigh about 57 kg. I started puberty when i was nearly 14 (late bloomer) the first sign was a tiny bit of pubic hair which is now too bushy to count at the bottom near my penis now but hasn't really grown much about 5 cm upwards from there. I have been able to ejaculate since I was 14. I have some leg hair, it is all dark and is hard to see until you are close up. I also have a bit of underarm hair, just a few black hairs combined with lots of small white ones. I do not yet have hair above my top lip but just have a bit of fluff around the sideburn area. My penis is about 4.5 inches erect. My voice is deep and sounds my age but whenever someone asks how old I am and I say 15 they are surprised as most think I am 12 or 13. Where am I in puberty and when will I start to look older?
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