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Originally Posted by Underground_Network View Post
I don't wanna scare you, but i had the same thing (an undescended teste) and they said it rarely comes down on its own, and i ended up needing surgery and they had to make sure it didn't have any tumors and was still able to function properly. My urologist said theres like a 15-20% chance it could have a tumor, which in my opinion is a pretty large chance. I had the surgery a year ago and i'm fine, nothing was wrong, but i'm just basing this on experience.

Note: Height of your balls has nothing to do with an undescended testicle. A ball that hasn't dropped is usually not in the scrotum. If ur teste is in the scrotum, then there are no worries, but if its not i recommend you go see a urologist.

thats basically word for word what i was going to tell you.

if there is only 1 testicle in your scromtum, then its undescended. but if theres 2, then your usually normal, unless the difference in ball height is like 3 inches or something.

i think that your normal though and mostly everones balls hang about 1/2- and inch apart.
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