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Default Animal Abuse/Mistreatment and the Environment

What are your thoughts on animal abuse and mistreatment. This music video (which I posted in the KFC thread, as well as a couple of other threads) really made me aware of how badly some people treat animals:

I'd like you to debate on the impact deforestation (also desertification/global warming,etc.), dwindling animal populations, and mistreatment of animals, and how damaging its been to society.

My thoughts are that I'm almost against the human race. I kind of think that if we didn't exist this world would have its peace restored. Animals could live, and although populations may dwindle due to ecological/environmental hindrances/negative occurrences this world would still be better off without us. I think, in terms of this world with us and animals, all we've done is wreak havoc upon animal civilization. If we hadn't domesticated and interbreeded so many creatures animals would be able to survive on their own. Humans are the reason for almost all detrament toward animal life. I think if we continue are existence, eventually we will be the only species, unless another species develops an intellect similar to ours, and develops abilities that can out do ours. I'd say there are some creatures that possibly show the potential to evolve. But most environmental detrament is due to us, and even if this process was imminent, we have sped it up considerably. Your thoughts please. THX

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