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Default Re: Well life is fucked now.

Whisper what does msn hun mean?

But anyways, don't kill yourself, you made a mistake, but before I can answer you're question I have to know your age, to know whether you're going to end up in juvy, or whether you'll end up in prison. I've never really gotten in trouble, but I know two 13 year olds who are in deeper shit than you, there was a kid at my school who had meth with intent to sell, and another kid who beat up his mom for cash... At least you didn't sink that low. If you're just going to spend time in juvie, or even if you have to go court to possibly go to jail, tell the judge it was a screw-up, promise them you'll try rehab, allow them to drug test you randomly for several months, thats the only way to get them off you and your girl. If you and your girlfriend plead that you're young and you made a really big mistake, they may show sympathy, but when it comes to getting back together with your girl... Thats tough, and I don't know if I can help you there.

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