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Default Well life is fucked now.

Wasn't sure whether to put this in here, depression or relationships so move if appropriate
Ive been with my girlfriend for a month or two now, and while you might say that is a short time, i genuinely love her, never felt anywhere near as strong as this. I know its real, and she feels the same. Like I see this girl as many times as physically possible, and when we aren't together were on the phone, text, MSN etc for hours. Whether you believe it or not, I do love this girl, and when you get love, you know it.
We are both into our drugs, but neither of our parents know. So we scored some acid the other day, and were over her house, put it on an ice block under her bed to keep it cool (have to do that with acid). When i left, we decided she should just keep it there, so it would stay cool, but I was meeting her straight from her school the next day, so she had to take it with her.
So its in her school bag, and a few bitches in her class decide it would be funny to get their bags searched by telling a teacher they have drugs. They didn't even fucking know she had anything, they just knew she did them.
So yeah, the school finds the acid, her mum gets called in, police get called in. Now the cops have her phone, have sent the acid for testing, shes had to go home and stay there with her mum shouting at her.
I haven't been able to have any contact with her since it happened, I've been told all this by her close mates at her school.
So now she managed to get online for like 2 minutes, just to quickly tell me that she had to say i bought the acid, I'm not annoyed about that too much, she had to in her position, but that her parents don't want her to see me anymore. I knew it was coming, but those words, i felt crushed. Heart sunk and now I feel like dying would be a good option.
Oh wait I just realized I'm going to get in shit with the cop shop to, fuck!! She said I bought it, they are gonna interview me.
So basically, she is getting expelled from her private school, getting a drugs charge onto her record (only criminal damage at the moment), getting the biggest bollocking ever from her parents, I'm gonna get in a tonne of shit with my parents who wont trust me for like a year now, I'm gonna get questioned by the pigs and probably get more shit on my record, her older brother who has threatened to kill me if I ever give her any drugs is probably going to pay me a visit.. and to top it all off, I'm not going to be able to see her for a fucking long time.
Maybe I should just hospitalize myself and save her brother the bother of doing it, my knuckles fucking kill from punching walls.
Wow sorry thats really long, thanks if you read it. But if anyone tries any 'i told you so..' drugs shit, you can fuck off because that is NOT going to help.

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