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Default Re: Blair to announce troops withdrawal

this war wont do a dam thing they have no interest in stopping
you said it yourself there fanatics
we could be there for 30yrs and when we pull out they'd go right back at it

this is already the second time we've gone in
it wont be the last
but we've done what we had to
they dont pose a risk anymore
there broken and in shambles
it will take a good decade same as last time for them to recover

We have more pressing matters
Americas social programs are in shards
your education systems gone down the crapper
growing poor class

Canada has boarder issues
health care problems
worker shortage
out of date coast guard
in severe need of public daycare
and I hate to say it but theres been allot of pedofile shit lattley

i'm sure England has problems

then theres the big bada boom
GLobal Warming
Food Shortage
AIDS epademic

there not choking on allied dust for one simple reason
were holding back
we have been since the start
why? because this war has never been popular bck home

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