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Originally Posted by Lt.Col.Environment View Post
The fact of the matter is that if the millions upon millions of livestock around today were to be reintroduced into the environment, the results would be disastrous (i.e. I'd get really pissed off.)

But it's wrong for humans to consume anything other than their feces or their young, so we're left with a paradox. Do we break the ultimate taboo and eat these innocent creatures, or do we let them ruin whole ecosystems with their ravenous grass eating?

My solution is to have an epic barbeque of unparalleled proportions, but not let anyone eat any of the meat. That way I get to kill a bunch of stuff and not feel guilty because humans are enjoying the results.
So, to save the animals we should all get pregnant then kill and eat our babies? Fuck off. You are one weird, fucked up freak. And what have you contributed of any relevance or significance? Absolute jack shit, that's what.

To everyone else, I apologise for my language.

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