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Divide By Hero
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Default Song by me, that i just typed

I spent a total of 4 seconds editing this, and it may be hard to follow without hearing it, but still, eh what the hell, it sends a good message, but I just typed this, it took like .5 seconds of thought, and I typed it just to be sung, not for a band or anything like that. It contains profanity, so beware.
I didn't feel like separating the lines or anything so its like one big paragraph lol. It had a better beginning but i deleted it by accident and forgot what it said.

Do you have an answer, as to why the world goes ‘round?
And why oh why do my feet, always touch the ground
I am utterly surrounded, by a paradox unseen
I am forced to wonder, what it’s like to be
A wise man, and a great man, a man who stands up straight
A man who never takes the fall, for something he’s not done
And then I stare up to the sky
I wonder wonder wonder why
I wonder wonder wonder how
I wonder wonder wonder what
What is keeping me, back from what I know?
And from the truth, and from the right, and from where I should go
All my life has been, is fucked up and dismayed
I wonder if, I can change, my fucked up destiny
A destiny of hurt and pain
A destiny that’s so deranged
I’m forced to use profanity, just to prove a point
What’s wrong with society, what’s wrong with this joint
I’m lost and in confusion when it comes to knowing how
Knowing how the world goes ‘round and how people survive
When their lives are meaningless, meaningless like mine
Damn you world, I scream aloud, but to no avail
I am just a tortured soul, but I will not give up
I will not be terminated, terminated by the man
I have got the power, I am in command
I’ll let loose, the useless things
And go pick up my pride
I will show these assholes what its like to be
A someone and a person, who can make a change
In this psycho-maniac, screwed-up society
I will stand up now, the question is will you?
Take a stand, lend a hand, and please never give in
Keep on trying, till your dying, never do give in
Stand up and unite this, this so divided earth
I know that you can lend a hand
Lend a hand in helping out
Help society, recover from its massive losses, oh just please oh please
I know that you can do it, jeez oh jeez oh jeez
Please stand up, Please sit down
But please do not give in
I will march on with you, it’s time to take command
We will rule this world I say
We will fix it up, for our future to be better
And for our own damn health
We need to take a stand, We need to take a stand
We need to take a stand, and we need to do it now!

I'm way too high (too high too high)
To be feeling this dry and low
I'm way too tired, I've tried
I'm fired up and ready to roll
Lets go
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