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Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
I know you don't believe in that. Doesn't mean you don't have an opinion on it.
I come from an Jewish home and community (though I myself am an atheist) so I can tell you how most Jews feel about him:

Orthodox Jews DESPISE Jesus. First of all he was born a Jew and then became an apikores, a heretic, and said and did things that aren't allowed in Judaism. Second of all, he also converted many many Jews, which is a terrible thing in Judaism ("losing" a Jew). Third of all, he died and the Christians blamed his death on the Jews and for centuries after that Jews were massacred over and over again by Christians. Since Christianity is considered Jesus's fault, he's kind of hated. In my community you're not supposed to say his English name (people will literally flinch if you do) only his Hebrew name, Yeshu, and even that is used sparsely.

From what I can tell the other major sects of Judaism like Conservative and Reform Jews don't really like him, as he still was a heretic and his actions led to the deaths of many Jews, but I don't think there's as much of an antagonism as in Orthodox Judaism.

Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
Gehenna isn't hell. Yes, words are twisted into other religions, but Gehenna is more of a place to be judged. In fact, the jewish faith doesn't really go in much depth on the afterlife, mainly describing it as a future planet of some sorts / world to come. In punishment for the jewish faith it's not permanent (I think the longest is about a year), like what you get in Christianity (A never ending lake of fire to swim in).
It's spoken and pronounced as Gehennom, by the way. Also it IS like the Christian hell. It's supposedly where evil people go after they are judged. Whether there's fire and brimstone or whatever is unlikely (especially since you don't have a body anymore, just a soul, so what would even burn? How would you feel the heat?). And you're correct, the afterlife in Judaism is very vague, so lots of Rabbinical scholars commented on them, which is where the "year" thing is from. It's not really described much in the Torah and the later major books (Neviim, Ketubim etc.).
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