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Default Re: Blair to announce troops withdrawal

Hmmmm, lemme think, the Iraqi would have no good guys, just innocent people being blown to bits, if not for American, British, etc. intervention and would not exist, and it is completely unlike any other civil war, this is (although similar to the african civil wars) a cultural fight, and the reason intervention is necessary, is because these are extremists, who if were not caught up in fighting in their own country would be bombing England, and America right now. Iraq would have no army, and Iraq's current army remains ill-equipped and untrained. If not for our intervention, not only would that country be in shambles, but so would our society, these are suicidal maniacs, who will do anything for their country. If the extremists were to win this war, World War III would most likely erupt, because they'd most definitely launch several attacks against both the U.S. and Europe. We're helping them to help ourselves. Iraq is a threat to us (the U.S., Europe, etc.) and Africa is not, that is what makes this different.

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