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Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
These are all excuses for intellectual laziness towards making bad things seem not as bad with a supported illusion of some form of a divine reasoning for everything. Uh, fuck that.

Your God didn't let all those people that died on 9/11 die just because his plan for them was done or because it was for some 'greater good' that will happen sometime soon. It's not going to happen anyhow.

Doesn't life seem a lot shittier when you think of it in the way that everything is being planned out? I mean, can you think of God looking down at Jeffrey Dahmers life, planning out him fucking corpses and planning his death in jail? Do you really think that was his divine plan for Dahmer? I mean, if God has a plan for everyone, he has a plan for the violent people too, whom he let commit violence and let die.

I like to think of like as random and something you can control. I want to walk down my hallway and not think it's some higher power pulling his strings on my legs telling me which foot to use before the other.

Plus, what's really that exciting about living if everything is planned out? And what does planned out really mean? I could grab a gun, shoot myself in the head and it would of all been apart of his plan, right? Because there is no way to interfere with it. So technically this whole conversation is part of it too. All of it.

Let me tell you all something. It means nothing at all. It's psycho babble psuedo bullshit.

Gehenna isn't hell. Yes, words are twisted into other religions, but Gehenna is more of a place to be judged. In fact, the jewish faith doesn't really go in much depth on the afterlife, mainly describing it as a future planet of some sorts / world to come. In punishment for the jewish faith it's not permanent (I think the longest is about a year), like what you get in Christianity (A never ending lake of fire to swim in).
It isn't a plan that is written at birth, you can change it whenever you want. God didn't set up a plan for you, you choose it. That's why it's called free will
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