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Default Re: I'm trying to figure something out...

yeah, and i agree with with the 5'11" part.

give or take a few inches.

yeah your penis will probably get an inch longer at tops. but 7 inches is borderline between average and big so dont feel bad about that. you just probably wont get very tall.

you will most likely end puberty in a year or two.

dont forget that i could be wrong and you could be a lot different than you are now. puberty is impossible to predict you could be average height like your brother, or shorter like your dad.

the reason how i am getting this data, is because your 14, and 5'7" but you have developed a lot and so you probably wont develop that much more. and you come from a shorter family so your probably following your dads footsteps. whereas your brother could be following an uncles or grandpas or something.
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