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Default Re: Problems with friends...

i geuss that the people who i thought were my friends... really aernt.


I dont know what to do... im a fucking wreck. The one person who I really thought was my friend... he has lied to me, insulted me.
All of them have made it very clear that I am no longer welcome.
The one still pretends to be my friend but even he is ready with insults.

I had been trying to tell him.. tell him that it... everything... is making me feel like shit, that I can even be around any of them without feeling like they wish i would just go away. It so hard...
I finally called him today. I asked him what problem there was with me.
He said he lied to me because he thought I would... ask myself over. I would never do that... im not stupid enough to think that anybody would appreciate that. He said he thought I was being stupid... Im not doing anything different than I ever did.

I told him we need to talk in person tommorow.

I am losing it. I dont know what to do with myself. I feel worthless.
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