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Default Re: Safely removing hardware from USB

Well, I cannot direct you to any websites that have that kind of information in it - I don't know of one off the top of my head. However, I can assure you that one should always use this procedure, as it shuts down connections drivers and applications that expect 100% use of that device to be achieved (if the driver/application requires it). If the program does not get a connection with the device, it might recognize the device as being corrupt - such as corrupt digital memory for a camera. Another instance where this is important would be when defragmenting data on mass storage devices. If you just unplug it when that's going on, then you can seriously mess up the data stored on the device, while if you go through the safety procedure, it can either warn you that it cannot stop the process currently (so you must wait) or it will pause it as soon as possible, then continue to stop it, and then disconnect the device from the defragmenting process. That way, nothing will be damaged.

If you sister doesn't want to, I suppose she really doesn't have to, but it could severely corrupt stored data on her USB devices.

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