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Default Safely removing hardware from USB

Whenever you plug into USB with Windows, you get a nice little green/grey hardware remove icon in your start toolbar. When you hover over it it says "Safely remove hardware" as seen here:

Now I used to just unplug my things from USB until my brother told me not to do that when he saw. A few of his friends at school used to have problems with their flash drive or card reader and didn't know why until they found out that they were just shorting them out by unplugging them without the remove procedure.

Now whenever unplugging any hardware from USB I use the "Safely remove hardware" button.

My sister has been unplugging her camera and iPod without going though this procedure and she wont believe me when I say it can break the electronics...

I'm just wondering if anyone has any website(s) I can show here or email to her showing that this should be done.


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