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Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
What you don't understand is that He already knows what will happen, ergo predestination. He knows who will be damned and who won't. He calls himself a just God; if he were just, he would not knowingly let people stray away from his path. It doesn't matter what you do. God has already made plans for you. Freewill does not exist in the Abrahamic religions because of that. If God already knows what he is going to happen, then you aren't choosing it. It's been chosen for you.
You can therefore see that I am placing before you both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is obeying the Commandments of Hashem your G-d, which I am prescribing to you today. The curse is if you do not obey the Commandments of Hashem your G-d, and you go astray from the path that I am prescribing for you today, following the gods of others, which you have not known.
-- Deut. 11:26-28 (bolded by myself)
In the Torah (Bible) God gives us a choice to do good, or evil. As I said before, He does not toy with us in making us believe that we have free will but we really don't, so how could anything be predetermined? God knows what we will do based on our own actions. It is true He knows what our actions will be, because we are doing them.
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