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Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
If someone knows what you're going to do before you do it, then it is predestined and you have no control over it. Divine Plan refers to God's plan for each and every person who lives on Earth. It is the same as predestination.

After doing some research(you're Jewish, from what I've read), do you believe that God is omnipotent and omniscient?
Just because God knows what you are going to do, doesn't mean that it is predetermined. We do not know what we will do in the future for certain, and we can change our minds at any times. God does know when we will do this, but he doesn't make it so that we think we do not have a predetermined life, but we really don't. And to answer your second question, I do beleive that God has power over anything and everything that has, ever, and will happen, but He doesn't use it to interfere with our lives, but He could.
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