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Smile Inspire?

I didn't put this in creative writings because I didn't write it. If it still belongs there, sorry. >.>
I just wanted to post this, because it might inspire some of you, or make some of you feel better, or it just might give you something to waste a couple minutes on. Either way, I'd love it you'd read it. :]

The thrill of life is one taken for
Walk past the flowers, care not to
Romp through the grass, do not lay and

Do not.
the lustfulness of which we call life.

Do not
for you risk too much.

Do not
because you may be wrong.

It is worth it?
Abandon a family for the streets and
new hardships.
Fight for your food, your water, your

That one thing,
simple nothingness
is not all you have left.

Begin to C-A-R-E about yourself.
Be clean and stride for your best interest.

Do what makes you happy;
Whatever that may be and soon,
A grin, a higher chin, something
will f o l l o w.

No promise can be made unless upon yourself.
You are responsible for you pursuit of happiness.
Your best interest.

LaUGh in thine enemies face when told
"no" or
"do not" or
"you'll fail".

See the beauty of living all around you.
Be blinded by the sun.
Baffled by the extravagant flowers,
Bombarded with cheerful hello's.

Love yourself and neighbors.
This is a gift you are given only once.

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