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ok, i am new on here. my close friend katie (you guys know her as krazy_katie) referred me here after our friend committed suicide last week. well katie had been really, really depressed, and had started cutting really bad again. i got on here last night to read her posts about kris and i saw what she had written and i got really scared. i tried to get ahold of her by her cell phone, i called her house phone, etc. she's in college so last night i couldn't just drive to her apartment, it was too late and i don't know the roads to get there very well in the dark. so i skipped school today and went over there and i had the landlord let me in, i said i was her sister and i had lost my key and i found her, dead. i flipped out. i knew she was going to kill herself. i knew it, there was just nothing i could do last night. i couldn't call her parents because she has none. she grew up in juvies and finally a residential facility where me and kris's parents worked (which is how we met her so many years ago) so she had no family to call, no one who cared about her. besides me and kris. and now both kris and katie are dead. her real dad molested her for many years until she was 14. he got her pregnant and then beat her up so bad she lost the baby. so he is in prison. her mom died when she was a kid. she was so messed up that no one wanted to be her friend, except me and kris, and last night i let her down. it was the ultimate let down. i don't know what to do. i'm not going to kill myself, i would be hurting to many other people, but there is this huge hole in my heart where kris and katie used to be and it is killing me. i miss them so much. well i wanted to let you guys know about katie, and ask if anyonw had any suggestions about how to stay above this depression that i am drowning in. i used to cut, but i haven't in like almost a year, so i don't want to do that again. so any suggestions would be great. thanks guys. i just don't want to hurt this bad anymore.
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