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Default Re: whenever i eat.....

there could b a couple of things. for 1, u might have some kind of bodily reaction to some sorts of food, just as an example i know someone who's brother is like 18 and found out he was lactoce intloerant like only 2years ago. so he'd eat icecream all the time and would just feel sick afterwards. you might want to eat more basic foods, like if i have a stomach ache with a very sensitive stomach i eat very basic foods such as toast, light yogurt, nothing acidic and just light food that willl put something in ur stomach but not fill u up completely. about 2 years ago i had this "thing" where for about 2 months every day after lunch id get real bloated and feel like shit. i started just eating better and not eating so much greasy food and i got better.

also, u should just learn about what u can and cant eat. i cant eat stuff lke Beef Burgundy cus its just too rich and doesnt sit well in my stomach. i cant eat very think creamy sauces cus it just doesnt end up well, what have u been eating that makes u feel like this? is offline   Reply With Quote