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Default Problems with friends...

I dont know if this is the right section as it has nothing to do with dating but...

Last year my best friend moved away. Now I mostly only hung out with him, so I had enough friends but I only really was close to him, so when he moved, I didnt have any close friends.

Theres this group of guys that Ive known since... well since 1st grade. (im in tenth now) I started hanging out with one of the guys in the group near the end of last school year, and a lot more this school year.
So I start talking to this guy a lot, and we start to get a friendship going again. We really have a lot of the same interests and hobbies and we get along well. Of course being friends with him, I was seeing a lot more of the other guys in that tight-knit group. I got the feeling that I wasnt too welcome, but after a while they started to invite me to hang out with them a few times, outside of school.
The thing is though... he (the guy ive been mainly hanging out with) has been acting a bit... like he doesnt want me around or something, but I dont know. Like, when hes around me or talking to me, it seems like he wants to be, but then its easy to see that he's been talking behind my back...
And I wasnt really concerned, but then something happened that got me thinking...
On friday, I wasnt sure if anything was going on, like a party or something with the group of friends, and I had nothing to do over the weekend, so I called him to see if anyone had made plans for a party or something. He didnt answer his cell phone so I called his home. His dad answered the phone and when I asked if he was home, his dad said "no, he went over to (other friends name)'s house." Now every few weeks or so, this whole group goes over to said friend's house to sleepover, order pizza, watch movies and play xbox. Since it was a friday, I figured that this was happening.
So I called his cell again, and he answered this time. I asked if there was going to be anything going on this weekend, or if he was doing that day. He said, "no, im just playing the N64 that my little brother just got. Yeah so, see you teusday."
Now I know for a fact that unless he was only at the other guys house for a few minutes, that he was lying.
Plus, it was a three day weekend, and he basicly told me he didnt want to hang out at all during it.
And then when I called him just today, he offers to give me a ride to school like he always does and talks to me like a friend.

I really dont know what to do. Should I be mad at him for lying to me? Should I pretend I dont know that he was lying, and just forget it?

I feel like shit, because right now, he's really the only somewhat close friend I have, and I dont even know if he really wants to be my friend.
Im confused as hell, and I dont really want to lose a friend but I just dont know...
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