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God that sucks. I could never imagine what it would be like for one of my closest friends to commit suicide. I don't cut, but i've attempted suicide. I almost killed myself successfully a few months ago. But i've strenghthened emotionally and i'm in control. I think you have to leave your friends life behind and look forward to your future. I'm sure you have other friends. And i think you should find someone to support you and help you through your struggles. I wanna die so bad, but i want all the other dying to stop. I realize that i want to die for a cause. I want to take a bullet for my friend. I want to die for a good reason. Don't just look down on the past, look up at the future. Look at your life and compare to what it must be like for the little, starving kids in Africa. You'll realize you have a reason to live. You only live life once, so make the most of it. I hope I was of help.
Apathy is better than empathy or sympathy. Its better to have no emotion, than to feel remorse or regret, don't do yourself injustice. Don't blame yourself for something you didn't do. Was the knife in your hand? NO! Remember that. You did nothing wrong. As a matter of fact you did your best. Failure is part of life. In fact 90% of life is failure. We fail all the time. Don't let this one little thing let you down. My future is going to be fucked up, i can guarantee that, but you have a bright future ahead of you. Always keep your friend in memory, but don't blame yourself. Apathy cures emotion. If you have thoughts of suicide, just don't think at all. Stop thinking, think of someone else in your situation, do you want to be like your friend? When you kill yourself you hurt people more, than you actually hurt yourself. I know that if i ever killed myself, my mom might even follow, and i don't want that to happen. I don't want my loved ones to have fucked up lives because of me. Thats what keeps me going, not thoughts of myself, but the impact i have on others.

I'm way too high (too high too high)
To be feeling this dry and low
I'm way too tired, I've tried
I'm fired up and ready to roll
Letís go

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