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God, my internet is really fucked. Tried to reply yesterday, but it wouldn't let me! *grr @ my internet connection* lol

Anyway, on topic. Talking therapy does not work for everyone. It is a long process, but it should not make you feel worse. As it was making you feel bad, I am glad you stopped it.
Finding the right therapist is essential, and do not fret because there will be one that you will get along with. Trust me. I have been to see two shrinks, four psychologists and four counsellors. Out of them I think one shrink, two psychologists and one counsellor I got on with. The rest I either had blazing rows with or just didn't find them helpful. Its all a bit of trial and error. But it is worth looking, because you can learn from them all along the way.

As for the medication, do you find they help you? If you do then I would suggest that you stick with them. They can work wonders. And considering the fact you have clinical depression, this would be best.
On the other side of the coin, if the fact you are on the medication is bringing you down then stopping them would be advisable. It is all about what is right for you. I found that the fact I was on meds made me more depressed and as such I stopped them. I felt in more control of my life because I had actually been able to exercise some control over how my bipolar is treated.

Basically I am trying to say that it is down to what you find helpful and who you find it helpful with.

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