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(Names are changed)

Yea there's a new guy in school he came form a school named ACORN for social justice or something like that and we became friends real quick. His name is Sean he's everything i always wanted in a guy.(EVERYTHING). And now that he hangs around me most ppl think's he's gay. And on a few days ago he sends me a note saying "Plz stop hanging around my john everyone knows your gay and they think i'm gay which i am but i don't want no one to know" then after class with the 5mins we have till p.e i tell him that know ones gonna laugh at u or anything most of the ppl are kool wit me being gay
it kinda seems they like me more. Then he says the his aunt is teacher here and that if she knew it that his life would be misreable and then he kisses me the way Chris kissed me. ( he looked is they were ppl around us frist)

WTF should i do?
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