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Default Re: George Bush Like Or Dislike?

Originally Posted by Elscire View Post
dislike 100%
killed our economy, war with iraq didn't help or save us unless it was to save little Kuwait. he raised our oil prices, because he has his own oil fields, and last he doesn't seem to care abut his citizens too much because during hurricane Katrina, the day after the hurricane Clinton would have been there with supplies, not 3 days later like Bushy
Congress controls spending so if you dislike the national debt blame Congress.
Do you actually have any proof that he deliberately raised oil prices? Bush doesn't control the cost of oil. As far as Hurricane Katrina blame the state government and FEMA. You have no clue what Clinton would have done so don't even waste your time arguing that.

We live in a government that's controlled by many people, not just one man. I don't completely agree with Bush but put the blame where it belongs.

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