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Default Re: 13 Year Old Girls!! I want 2 no.....

Wow... back off. Don't put those thoughts into someones head. Just because you think that doesn't mean every other guy in the world is. Don't be so harsh. If girls have to shave, guys should have to as well.

Originally Posted by StefanPetrashek View Post
all girls/women should shave every bit of hair that they have on their bodies off (except their head). its the worst turn off you can give a guy. please, violin pro, shave your legs, shave your vagina, shave your armpits. guys will look at you and throw up if they see that you dont shave. im sorry to be kinda mean about that but im serious and you should take that as great advice.

have a talk with your mom and tell her that you need to shave.

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