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Default i want to stop breathing.

At the moment i'm feeling so much more depressed than usaul.
i just hate myself so much.
before, when i lived with my moms emotinally abusing bf , or a few months ago when i still cut, or when i was addicted to exctasy, etc. it was better than this depression, because at least then i felt i had a reason to be depressed.
right now, theres not many things hurting me, & its killing me. becuase now i'm back to the confusion and crying without knowing why and all those feelings like a few years back.

i hate this so much.
i want to cut so bad, i wont jsut because people will see, but i want to.
i just want to hurt myself.

i dont want to have to go back to acting happy. but i'll have to or eles i'm going to have to deal with everyone trying to help me, but i dont want to be helped.

i dont know, i feel like everything i'm saying is contradiciting itself.
all i know is,
i feel
so fucking down.

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