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Default Re: Don't Do Drugs, My Experience

Originally Posted by guitarro View Post
. If you enjoy the drug, thats half way to getting addicted, all you need now is consistency.
i enjoy weed, u sayin im addicted? addiction is when u are dependent on something u dont need to carry out ur everyday tasks. over a while weed can cause ur dopamine receptors to get screwed up, so you wont feel as happy as you would with weed, but only extrememly heavy users get to the point where they cant concentrate or handle one day without their weed. i agree with what a few people have said, if u get to the point where ur smokin each day, like that rollin a J the first thing in the morning then the last thing at night, uve lost self control. i smoke weed about once-twice a week if ive got the stuff but ive got the control to realize that a bit more than that would be tooo much, for my brain and body. id like to see what its like to try harder drugs but i have to control to say no to myself. that explains how people act differently to drugs, so thats why i dont like people taking their story and preaching about how that's how its gonna be for everyone so u betta watch out. for those who are completely drugged out addicts, im sorry but i have very lil pity for u and ur weak minded, u dont have the self-discapline to say no and realize how things affect urself and those around u is offline   Reply With Quote