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dont take this personally anybody who's a vegitarian/vegan, but humans are animals. we as well as other animals have been eating other animals form billions of years. its how nature works, there are differnet energy levels in what foods you eat and it IS survival of the fittest. We are the dominants so we may choose to either eat what we like or protect those weaker than us. Protecting animals is a great thing and i hate to see animals killled for no reason, but you have to accept that killing animals for food isnt murder. i hate people who get real animal fur coats or that stuff, but its differnet with food. those people who like dont drink milk because they think milking a cow is bad, well stop being stupid. if u dont milk a cow, they die, then need that milk to be removed. u can get the necessary protein from plants but its so much harder and inneficiant than eating meat. its part of our nature to eat other animals and i think its wrong for people to go against this. you got here in the first place to make this ideas through people origioinally eating meat. also, what would happen to the population of animals if we didnt eat them? it'd skyrocket. a couple years ago, in some states the deer population got too high so people went out and hunted deer to lower the population to keep everything in balence

one thing though, i dont like to eat any meat that i know has been like treated badly. i dont like eating that meat (forget the name of it) thats basically just really tender cus they cows arent allowed to move so lots of muscle turns to just like meat

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