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Originally Posted by bedroom eyes View Post
I guess people missed my post explaining why they single out KFC.

Peta has had private investigators go and work at KFC's factories and they found out how they treat their chickens - HORRIBLY. They found all the evidence and brought it public, that is why people single out KFC because it is now commonly known how they treat their chickens, they live in the worst conditions and are treated terribly. They havent gone to every fast food chain or grocery store, so they cant just make the same accusations without the evidence. They have evidence on KFC, therefore they can say they are murderers.
They treat them worse than broiler chickens, they keep them in small cages, they do VERY bad things I don't want to discuss..

As for everyone saying they eat meat, its fine with me, theres just other guys on VT saying all the crap and its making me look like a hater.
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