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Default Our little group has always been...

...but probably won't last until the end (reference to Smells Like Teen Spirit for non Nirvana fans). So basically, one of my best friends, Dodo has been with this girl for a while. We'll call her "M" as I think she knows about this website so I dont want to disclose her real name. They're the kind of couple who just cant keep their hands off each other (and went as far as to has wild sex in my mate Daniels parents bedroom).

So my friend Dodo has three close friends: Daniel (my best mate), me and a guy called Sebastian. Now one night Sebastian, M and a girl named Niamh are staying round at Daniels house. Dodo is not around, he's away somewhere so, somehow, one thing leads to another and Sebastian and M end up doing "stuff" (and I don't just mean little stuff I mean STUFF).

While this was going on I was seeing another friend of mine so I was not able to put a stop to it as I was halfway across London.

I was drinking heavily that night so I am woken up the next morning by the phone ringing. It's Daniel telling me to meet him and the gang at a Cafe in Ketish Town (another part of London, to those who don't know). It's a bit of a trek from my house and, needless to say I'm hungover so I'm reluctant to but Daniel says he has big news.

So I hop on the bus and get down there as promissed and I'm told about this. I dont tell Dodo because I don't want to hurt him and M and Sebastian are also friends of mine so I dont want to hurt them.

Now this was about a month ago so it was all swept under the rug until last Thursday when Dodo was in Switzerland with Sebastian. Somebodym whose name I still dont know texts him and tells him what went on. He has now left M and forbidden all his friends from seeing Sebastian. The problem is that this has torn us all apart because Sebastian is an integral part of our group and so are M and Dodo, and now they've split the group are all going to drift apart.

I know this story is long and complicated and rather boring if you don't know us personally but this is a big issue for me because these are the most important people in my life.

I just have no idea what to do.

It's me, Felix.
Name changes annoy everyone, I know.
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