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Originally Posted by The Wanderer View Post
It is natural for us to eat meat. It is natural for us to eat vegetation. Why do you think we have both canines and molars?

I respect vegetarians decisions, but its when they start going round preaching that I am guilty of murder and telling me how to live my life thats when I get really wound up. No one has the right to tell another person that they are living incorrectly or are going down the wrong path. Life is not black and white.
If you don't want to eat meat then don't. But what you absolutely shouldn't do is preach to those of us who do eat meat. You want your opinions the be respected then respect those that are different from yours.
i completely agree!!!!! if u have in opinion about something thats fine we all do, but its when u go around trying to make people feel bad for their opinion that it crosses the line. i mean come on im an animal lover and i still eat meat and its really sad how some of the animals are treated, but come on ur acting as if eating meat is a horrible thing. and if plants can feel pain than why dont we start protesting to help them why were at it? i know why because at a certain point it just gets rediculous!!!! and i for one am tired of vegetarians tellin me im a murderer. my best friend is a vegetarian and she respects my choice in eating meat and i respect hers in not. so why dont we all lay off calling each other names like murderer and just get along.
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