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Default Re: The "This is where I am, am I normal?!" Sticky!

you havent had a wet dream because you cant ejaculate. i cant ejaculate either...well i kind of can, its clear but still sticky and stuff, and from what ive heard, thats because your not far enough in puberty to produce a lot of sperm cells so its more clear than white.

anyways, dont be proud of having a wet dream, ive never had one and i dont want one. if you have a wet dream, it means that you dont jack off. and not jacking off isnt a personal choice. well, it is, its just a personal choice to be embarrassed.

i feel bad for you though dude, especially if you 6' tall and your dick is 6" long. you should probably see your doctor and see if your sterile (you cant produce offspring) because thats kind of what it looks like to me.
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