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Hey guys need abit of help here, kinda mostly about 2 of my friends and it gets complicated. Ok well ive got a friend shes really slutty and shes only 15. We (as in our friend group thingo) are trying to tell her that its really not cool to sleep around so much. Me and few other friends sat her down last yr when we saw it was gonna get worse and ask her why she sleeps around so much, she told us cuse she wants to be accepted by guys cuse we wont like her unless she was like that but we tried to explain to her that she was really cool, nice and great personality but didnt help shes gotten really worse this yr. And when she goes out with some1 we know that it aint gonna last more then a week (bout how long it takes her to get in their pants)

Now 2 problems have colided... ive got this other friend he got really depressed last yr and tried to commit sucide and they started to go out.

Ok so it lasted bout a week but i dotn think anythign happened, she jsut went into this total meltdown taking my other friend with her. So i gotta look out for her and him cuse she looks like she might just break soon. And iam like the middle man talking to both, getting all this worry and shit and dont know wat to do.

Ok so shes starting to say she h8s life and wishes it will go away and shit. I need help, how can i get her to stop sleeping around and to break out of this fuked up state of mind. Iam less worried bout the guy cuse i rkn hes too strong now to go all depressed again.

sorry if its all confusing and sry bout the spelling(last thing on my mind atm)

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