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Default Re: Does penis size matter

Originally Posted by StefanPetrashek View Post

a big dick to a girl is probbly 7+ inches. a small dick is most likely under 4. the average size of a males penis is 5.5 inches when fully grown.
i agree

Originally Posted by StefanPetrashek View Post
the reason why a good average is about a C-D is because, even if you are skinny, and you have D's or DD's, you boobs aren't going to be shaped well and are going to weigh more and not be as "perky"
skinny girls with naturaL DD's or D's will have a big chance of getting breast reduction, its WAYYY to painfull on the back, i know many skinny girls who have ahad breast reductions. & also the average teenage girls boobs are in the b's , C's are usally quite big [not huge but yea] are you sure you really know cup sizes well?

Originally Posted by StefanPetrashek View Post
bottom line, girls care about dick size, guys care about boob size. reason why, is because if you had a 1" penis, a girl isnt going to be sexually attracted to you. if a girl didnt even have any boobs what-so-ever, a guy wouldnt want sex from her either.o have sex from someone who cant please you, and a 1" dik cant please you.
i dont understand why a guy wouldnt have sex with a girl who have VERYYYYY tiny boobs almost not there, there only part of getting turned on, you dont NEED boobs for sex, a girl wouldnt be attracted to a guy with a small penis because she KNOWS she wont get plesure from it, because thats important. & girls can still be sexually attracted to guys with small penis, they'll jsust be dissipointed from the sex.

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