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Default Re: Don't Do Drugs, My Experience

Ok, so if you are weak mentally how can you know? That is only obvious after you really fucked up. You don't know your short comings until you fuck up. Like I said before, all addicts thought they were able to handle themselves with what they were addicted to at one point or another. So yes, some people may not be able to handle weed, that is completely obvious if they eventually get addicted. So if you have a week mind you should stay away from weed? You can be strong minded or weak minded, it matters what perspective you are coming from. You may be good at controlling some parts of addicting behavior, but you may ignore the things you fall for easily. The best thing to go by are the mechanics of the brain, and how deceptive things can be. The best thing to stop you from getting addicted is noticing the fact that you enjoy the drug. If you enjoy the drug, thats half way to getting addicted, all you need now is consistency. When a user finds a drug he/she really likes, they are fucked. Wait until something bad happens in their life, and they need to cope. The easiest way to cope is using drugs. Ask any addict, I bet they wished that they never tried that specific drug, because if they never tried it, they would have never fallen in love. All drugs are different, and people get off on different things. Drugs in general are known to make people do things they don't want to, and affect them physically how they dont want. My room mate in rehab was on blows of heroin for a week, and has tried cocaine three times. He had no problem with those drugs. He was in rehab for alcohol and weed. His mind was strong enough to handle heroin and cocaine, but not weed and alcohol. How do people get in these situations? Think about it.
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