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Default "Do girls care about"

okay, just some questions...

i cant cum yet and ill be 15 in a month and a half, i was wondering if girls like to see a guy cum if their giving him a handjob or something?

also, my dick is only 4 inches...would you guys want to have sex with me or kind of pass me off for a 6 inch guy that maybe isnt as cool?

what do girls think an average size for a 14 year old is? because really, im thinkin that most 14-15 year old girls judge size by porn because they havent seen a dick, and so they think that a penis is supposed to be like 9 inches. to be realistic everyone, the average 14 year old's penis is 4-5 inches. if its more, then that sucks for you because your not going to get any taller...maybe like 2 inches.

could you guys answer my questions? because i want to be sexually active within like the next year and a half or so, and i want to make my first time go over well, even though most dont.

thanks everyone, i appreciate it.

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