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Default Re: Does penis size matter

some clarifying a guy but just bare with me

a big dick to a girl is probbly 7+ inches. a small dick is most likely under 4. the average size of a males penis is 5.5 inches when fully grown.

for guys, anything under a BB or C is small. large is D+...but to usually naturally achieve that, you have to be fat, and guys dont like fat girls. personally, i like a skinny girl who has C-D's.

kind of off topic, but im good friends with the best looking girl in my grade, and its kind of weird to hear her say, "i wish my boobs were as big as ____'s" because she has C's and the girl shes comparing to is 200 pounds but has DD's. also, the reason why a good average is about a C-D is because, even if you are skinny, and you have D's or DD's, you boobs aren't going to be shaped well and are going to weigh more and not be as "perky" as like a C. but see, thats why pornstars who have like D's-DD's have implants because it makes their boobs "perky".

bottom line, girls care about dick size, guys care about boob size. reason why, is because if you had a 1" penis, a girl isnt going to be sexually attracted to you. if a girl didnt even have any boobs what-so-ever, a guy wouldnt want sex from her either. personality does NOT matter when it comes to this. i do agree though that if you have a smaller penis, like 4 inches or so, that it does matter how you use it. but you need to understand that size does matter because your not going to want to have sex from someone who cant please you, and a 1" dik cant please you.
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