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look, first everyone, looking at porn when your 10 IS illegal. thats why, when and if you try to look at pron sites, it says you have to be 18 to enter. if your parents caught your sister looking at porn, they could get her arrested. anyways...

dude, this is what you say.....

"__________ what are you doing? what were you looking at?"
your sister-"nothing just stay out of it."
you-"were you looking at porn?"
your sister-"no"
you-"look, even if you werent, i know you are. ive caught you before and i have evidence of you doing it. if mom and dad find out about this, you could go to jail. (then lie a little) every month, mom and dad get an internet bill that shows all the sites that we all looked at and who saw them. you need to stop now otherwise mom and dad will find out and you might get arrested and go to jail."

then tell her that she needs to stop lezzing out and just tell her if she likes porn so much then she should be on the streets trying to get live porn haha.

seriously though, dude what i told you to say will work.
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