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Default Re: The war in Iraq.

I'd edit this in but it wouldn't make sense. So i'll post it separately here. When it comes to the media, well listen to the song Underground Network on this site:
It talks about how fucked up the media is, but note this song was made before Bush was president. I agree with you that the media misinterprets things and certain stations such as fox are rather biased. But still based on what i've seen the War in Iraq has not effected us much, other than taking the lives of many Americans. It's not effecting us that much, if anything its pissing off the Iraqis influencing another terroristic attack, this is my opinion. I understand you have a different opinion. You bring up good points, but i will continue to counter them. GRRRR THIS MEANS WAR! We have the same perspective on some things, so understand that i'm not 100% against what your saying, but also note you have not persuaded me to join the darkside, even if they do have cookies.

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