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Default Re: PLZ give me advice on this one (privatestory)

hey guys thanks for advice, thats what I was thinking, that hes getting close to me by helping and all that stuff.
Im a violinist, and I have already have my own website, and have given concerts with orchestras.
do you think that hes trying to get money from me if he gets close to me??

I forgot to tell you something, when I was like 8-9 years old we had a talk about his enemy, and somehow he told me that maybe when I will 18 y.o. he can marry me. I got a really weird feeling(closer to bad feeling) to him. If ill be famous, he might be my husband by trying to have sexually contact (WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN) and that way be rich together.
just a though

kk oxoxoxoxoxoxx
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