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Originally Posted by few desires View Post
Yeah i agree meat tastes good, but i'm against the mistreatment of animals, and i think as long as they are killed peacefully its ok. And to answer the question of who will eat them if we don't; Probably other animals, if we didn't care for chickens at farms, they would eventually get eaten by wolves and other predators, and same goes for other livestock, including animals as big as cows. These animals will still be killed in a more painful way and they will be ripped apart. The death rate of these animals may decrease, but they will still continue to die. The only way to prevent chickens from dying would be to kill every human and animal in existence and all but one chicken. All animals can convert to cannibalism if there is nothing to eat, and chickens may converge on each other. Humans kill each other, too. Hunting is just a natural part of life, as well as eating meat. Eating meat is an addiction. Truthfully i kind of wish i could stop, but it just tastes so good. I regularly eat lots of nonmeat things, but i usually can't go more than a week without meat. I mean i'm already really skinny and i eat like 6 meals a day. I don't think i personally could live without meat, but i will admit i've probably shed a tear while eating chicken or hamburger, thinking about the poor animal's life, but then i think it's a hunt or be hunted world, and we eat what we like. DO YOU THINK A WOLF CARES WHEN IT RIPS APART A CHICKEN??

See my friend the fact is the animals that we grow to kill couldn't efficiently survive in the wild because they are bred.. BRED to be grown for food purposes.. And if you shed a tear while eating a chicken or a hamburger then .... xD

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