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Default Re: Problems with friends at school...

I have the same problem. I'm basically popular at my school, in the sense that i'm friends with almost every body. I have lots of friends, but no best friend, and other than like birthday parties or other huge events (such as the Super Bowl) i rarely go out with my friends. I can't say i don't communicate with them outside of school though, because that would be a lie. I talk to most of my friends over the computer, and i'm kind of anti-social outside of school. I really don't like to hang out, and the last time i was at a friend's house just for the fun of it was like 2 or 3 years ago. My only true best friend lives in another state, so its tough, and i really don't know anyone i can connect with or thats like me. I think though, that if you ask them to invite you, or if you get a little more involved and open with them they may start to let you go to events with them. Most of my closest friends really don't hang out, they mostly spend time on their computers or on their own somewhere. Once your friends gain your trust and you show some interest in their interests they should let you hang out with them. I hope my advice helps. (Not just you, but me too, lol)

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