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Default Re: What are Your Favorite Music Genres?

Originally Posted by Electric Nomad View Post
Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie aren't Industrial Metal or rock. They aren't. The idiot critics didn't know what to label and they went with Industrial Metal.

The only one in the bunch that can pass as Industrial Metal is Ministry.

I love Manson <3 .XD. I prefer his older stuff,but his newer stuff isn't too bad.
My favorite would have to be The Dope Show,I don't like the Drugs but the Drugs like me,and Beautiful People.His newer shit would be This is the New Shit,Putting Holes in Happiness and Arma Goddamn Mother Fuckin' Gedon.

Rob Zombie isn't bad either.

Sage got me into a band called Pigface,I'm not sure if you could label them or not lol.

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